“Public service announcement” on alienation

Modeled on a public service announcement, this political poster describes alienation as a “symptom” of capitalism.


5 responses to ““Public service announcement” on alienation

  1. I feel that many people are victims of alienation. Some may feel that time is passing but they are at a standstill, sometimes i do also feel that way because i havent moved up or change position at the job that I am working at right now, and thats why I am in school to get a better job but sometimes a degree doesnt always promise you a better job because nowadays its so hard to even find a one. Also it seems as if everyone is always in a rush and could never find any time to do anything or get things done because of work, most people spend most of their days working and mostly for something they do not enjoy so alienation is common and many people may not even know they are victims meanwhile half the population is feeling this way.

  2. I definitely feel that many people today experience alienation. Not all people are satisfied with the jobs they have and when you are not enjoying what you are doing going to work becomes a drag and a hassle. As a result, people overtime begin to feel bored, hopeless, and disappointment for fear they will be in the same job position forever. At the same time it is hard to get a very well paying job and more importantly one that you enjoy. You see many times that people start to then look around them and look at those “doing better then them” because all they can focus on is who seems to be in a better situation than them and this is how all negative emotions start to come about. In addition, these negative feelings about a person’s situation can actually hold a person back from succeeding in their life. So while they may be in a situation that’s not as good as they hoped for, negative thinking holds the person back from being able to get out of it. In turn this could become a never ending cycle. When this is occurring people certainly do not think about themselves as being alienated because of all the stress occupying their time, but indeed they are. I see this with so many people that I know and without actually sitting down and really thinking about all these “symptoms” people would never even think to believe that they are victims of this type of alienation.

  3. I believe people in the teaching field often fall victim to alienation. Teachers straight out of inspiring undergraduate and graduate programs come into the profession with great passion and energy. They have their own dreams and ambitions for their classroom and style of teaching. However, once they come into contact with the reality of difficult principals, school board, curriculum, and parents, they quickly realize that teaching was not what they always dreamt it would be. As a result, many teachers in the field suffer from “burnout” and have lost the passion they once had. Their careers quickly turns into mundane routine.

  4. I believe that one of the many drawbacks of capitalism today is alienation as Karl Marx himself emphasized, the ideology for how workers and their products are isolated from others. It has becomes a social division that continues to barricade and undermine individuals with their common needs and issues; the wealthy vs. the poor. Also, it continues to raise many concerns such as unemployment, economic inequality and imperialism. In contrast, capitalism is necessary for profit and economic growth; making the people accountable to thrive and compete amongst the hierarchy of socioeconomic classes. Both aspects are agreeable, however, the disadvantages are becoming far more greater in American society today. For example, despite social class the overconsumption in society has made our national debt scarcely increase with a deficit of 1.42 trillion dollars while our currency decreases in value worldwide.

    By viewing this capitalism ad, the immediate impression was how, like depression, alienation has truly become an epidemic in the U.S. and with symptoms that most relate to. I was more drawn to the phrase towards capitalism, “Don’t treat the symptoms, eradicate the cause.” implying how treating the symptoms (i.e. spending and competing) would only persist them if not considering the bigger focus; influences of capitalism. The poster was quite effective in it’s message and appearance, giving the tone of melancholy and guilt.

  5. I do agree with this poster stating that alienation is the cause of a capitalist society. In Marx’s theories he stated that “the alien being to whose labor and the product of labor belongs, in whose service labor is performed, and for whose enjoyment the product of labor is created can be none other than himself.” In other words, a person who goes to work every day often forget the enjoyment of the performances but remembers that it is just simply a job that gives “rewards” afterwards. Those who continues to produce more of the products becomes isolated from him or herself in the environment because he or she is unaware what is real or not anymore. Without hope, trying to escape the same routines and the position he or she is in, it brings a hopeless environment and atmosphere. There would be no goals to succeed because the mindless routines of the workplace are just a goal to make ends meet. This often results in a psycho-social behavior towards others. A person would become less interactive and social and loses a sense of closeness toward friends and family. The reason for that is because of Capitalism. The world is full of competitors who want to strive for better life; however these competitors will do anything to exploit the condition of the workers or others. As workers or others are exploited, the idea of identity and the goals of life vanish because everyone has only one priority which is trying to support their selves or their family members.

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