Rick Wolff on capitalism and system – My 2nd post :)

rick wolff was saying how the right wing could blame poor people for taking out morgages that they couldn’t afford or illegal immigrants. The right wing also blames the illegal immigrants. The left wing is blaming corporationsfor the economic down fall. When it comes down to it, placing blame doesn’t help. Throwing people in jail may make society feel better, but in reality  the cycle will continue. because when you throw these people in jail, they will only be replaced. in essence, that is not a solution. He gave an example that if we were to build a bridge , it would easily employ 25,000 people. Thus helping the economy.

I couldn’t agree more with Rick Wolff.  I don’t think there is any one side to blame.Truthfully, I feel it’s probably a combination of who both the right and left wing want to blame. But like Rick said, placing blame doesn’t make for a solution. I feel his example would definitely be a step foward in helping the economy.

~Stephanie Carbone


One response to “Rick Wolff on capitalism and system – My 2nd post :)

  1. You put your finger on the key takeaway — that blaming individuals, whether irresponsible bankers or irresponsible homeowners still misses the crux of the problem. According to Wolff, the *system,* capitalism, is the problem. Greed, among bankers or homebuyers, is cultivated by the system.

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