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According to Marx, a worker becomes alienated from the product of their labor through mass production and the loss of the idea of trades. Before industries took over, manufacturing had typically been done by one individual who was a master of his trade. Industries replaced trades with mechanisms  to increase production and make it more efficient.  Marx believed that the worker was extremely depreciated. Workers became easily replaceable and were of very little value. Workers needed to only know the bare minimum of information needed to participate in one small part the process. The owners of production discovered that because the general public needs some type of income, they will work for very little if that is all there is offer. The wages of general workers then decreased so that the owners of production could maximize profit. The alienation then comes from the resulting working conditions as they are doing repetitive tasks to receive a paycheck, and in most cases the labor they do does not directly benefit them, other than producing a paycheck. It makes them have a purpose for what they are creating. Through the separation of labor and the devaluation of workers, they no longer have a connection to the labor they are performing, and it pulls them apart ,as a result, alienating them.
I see alienation every day. I, personally, work in a position as a receptionist. I am handed a list of items to accomplish and given specific directions as to how those tasks should be accomplished. If I dont meet the standards  in any way I am reprimanded or possibly fired. This leaves absolutely no room for personal interpretation, and I become a replaceable robot. Thankfully, this is only a part time job that helps pay for nessesities while I am furthering myself in school in hopes of one day being in a position of complete freedom.


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  1. I agree with you in that we can see alienation all around us nowadays. I think Marx was right in saying that once work becomes so specialized, the workers separate themselves from the product of labor. If any worker can be replaced at any time then there is no meaning to their value. The worker is not attached to their product whatsoever. I think it’s important to be able to work at a job that interests you and that makes you feel good at what you do, otherwise there is no meaing to working there.

  2. I agree with you that alienation plays a major role in society. The more work become specialized, the more employees will been as easier to replace and more seperated from the product of labor. Alienation may be the cause of many issues in today’s society. The more modern the world becomes the greater alienation will become I would say.

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