Blog 2

In The German Ideology, Marx elaborate on his theory of history and questioning some of Hegel theories. Though both agree with “reality is a product of our conceptual categories or consciousness and thus has no existence independent… as our ideas or knowledge changes, so does reality. The stages of history are then defined by progressive stages”, Marx strives away from Hegel believing material existence not consciousness fuels historical change.  In other words Marx believed that the existence of human beings who produced their own means of subsistence (goods), resulted in a transformation in economy(different way of life)and distinguishing our selves from animals. Thus, this production of means concludes into division of labor and forms of property. Within the division of labor exist the interest of the separate individual and common interest and within the forms of property exist tribal, ancient, and feudal. In some aspect I agree that material existence help develop or progress a city or state, but it is also results in capitalism. In my opinion the more means of production, the more means jobs within a state, country turns into a capitalist society where people buy what they want, when they want. The upper class thus achieves more money while lower class status might stay the same. So at the end some are winning and some are losing because businesses look out for themselves not employers.

    Marx states the “the class which is the ruling material force of society is at the same time its ruling intellectual force”, which can be seen in today aspect.. wall street. When economic class struggle begins, is where I believe “consciousness” , awareness of what is happening around the world occurs. When one class interest is benefiting while others classes are not there is an opposition. Once our knowledge changes, so does out reality and the only result to such social disparities are concluded in start of a revolution. These conflict are now open fight and the only solution to hear voice is a revolution. This is exact what has been happening throughout the past year. Conditions of people throughout countries is not being meet. It astonishing to know that Marx was on point to make me realize, understand what is happening right in front of my eyes.


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