Blog #2: The House of Sand and Fog

Webers theory is all about class, social structure and status. Most of his theological views were present throughout the “The House of Fog and Sand”. One of the main characters in this movie, Colonel Behrani, shows how important class and status is to him. He and his family were very well off when they lived back in Iran but when he came to the United States, he wasn’t so fortunate. He worked in many menial jobs so that he can provide for his family. He never wanted to accept that his social class was now in a different rank and did everything to not accept and show that he was “poor”. He wore nice clothes and made sure to always appear wealthier than he was, he felt he needed to prove a point to society and his family. He bought a house and assumed that he would be able to fix it and sell it.  Him doing this showed austerity, in the sense that he did everything he could to save money and was determined to sell it at twice the price he bought it for to regain money. The attorney that Kathy hires to help fight and get her house back can be seen as a symbol for a bureaucracy gone wrong.  The power that is given to the officer, with being high in status was abused of in a terrible manner. He was threatening people and lying causing a lot of unnecessary chaos which unfortunately is what i believe many people in such high authorial position do.


One response to “Blog #2: The House of Sand and Fog

  1. you have definitely pointed out the main concepts of the movie and applied it very well to durkheim’s theories. One of the things that I grasped from the movie was more on Weber’s idea of the difference between class and status. Although his class was roughly around the working class and low middle class his status could be seen as a upper middle class. He definitely demonstrates “social honor” in the sense that he worked and earned his money instead of trying to find an easy way out. Remember status is determined by one’s race, ethnicity and the way a person carries themselves, such as they way they dress, mannerism and how they adapted well to the social norms. The movie portrayal of the character of kathy definitely demonstrates the constant idea of anomie and egoism and it works with with the character she is up against and that is Col. Behrani

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