Blog #2 Suicide

In class we did an assignment in which we had to pick a social group and determine which one was more likely to commit suicide. The groups were white, Asian, Latino, and black males and females. The class was convinced that it had to be a male and almost no one said it was a female. I also thought it was a male because the news has been showing many stories about kid’s committing suicide. The groups in the stories are white males. As a result, the class found out that the group mostly likely to commit suicide is young white Latina girls. This came as a shock to everyone.

Dirkheim believes that suicide is based on social factors. One example is that the more children you have, the lower the suicide rate. He also claims that there are different types of sickness that leads to suicide. One type is anomie, which is lack of moral integration. Another type is egoism which is when an individual lacks a bond with society. These types are exactly what Latino girls are feeling. They have the highest rate of depression; highest teen birthrate and second highest school drop out rate. They have culture clashes with their parents and as a result they become socially isolated. They feel out of place because they have to follow their old culture which is tradition and then there is this new culture with a different set of norms and responsibility. They don’t know which side to choose and as a result they commit suicide.

After learning more about the topic I came to understand why Latino girls have the highest rate of committing suicide. This was a shock because I have never heard anything about this ever happening. I had no idea the Hispanic community was at such a high risk.


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