House of Sand and Fog- Capitalism pushed to its limits- Blog #2

The film, “House of Sand and Fog”, is a dramatic story of conflict over a house originally inherited by Kathy, one of the main characters. Due to some mistakes by bureaucracy, Kathy gets kicked out of her home and Colonel Behrani is able to obtain the house at a very low cost.  However, he intends to sell the house at it’s original market value. While Colonel Behrani is struggling to maintain his former high status in Iran, Kathy is desperate to reclaim her house in time for her mother’s visit.  Kathy and her lawyer try pleading with Mr. Behrani, explaining how her father toiled all his life to pay off the house.  Colonel Behrani shows no sympathy and says that it is of no concern to him.  He is set on his “American Dream” of giving him and his family a better life.  After many twists and turns in the plot, many people are killed and relationships are severed.

When I watched this movie, I really saw the capitalist economic system pushed to its extreme.  In a “dog-eat-dog” system of economic survival, there is no room for compassion or empathy.  It is not in any person’s best interest to let  emotions or feelings get in the way in a capitalist system.  Instead, exploitation and shrewd actions are encouraged sometimes almost required.  Through “The House of Sand and Fog”, we see glimpses of Marx’s theories of capitalism pushed to its limits.


One response to “House of Sand and Fog- Capitalism pushed to its limits- Blog #2

  1. Yes, as your description makes clear, Marx’s critique of capitalism provides another useful lens through which to understand the social dynamics and relations at the center of this story (in addition to Weber’s theoretical framework).

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