House Of Sand And Fog

In the movie, House Of Sand And Fog there was a form of bourgeoisie that was used in the film which Karl Marx defines as with or without sarcasm, as an objective description of a social class and of a lifestyle based on ownership of private capital.  The main character Kathy in the film who had lost her house due to bureaucracy saying that she had not paid in which Colonal Behrani had bought the house for a decent considerable price.  Capitalism was also portrayed in the film where Colonal Behrani would sell the house back to Kathy but for a marketed price. I feel that in the movie Kathy was being portrayed by Colonal Behrani as a stalker because she was always coming around the house seeing if things were being changed to the house and the type of people who were living in her house.  The house was very sacred to her because her father had given the house to her and her brother in which she did not want to lose and would do anything in her will to get it back.


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