the house of sand and fog blog 5

The house of sand and fog is basically a film that has to do with two people that are in conflict with one another for the prosperity of a small house in California Hills. The house was previously inherited to Kathy by her father but Kathy lost the rights to her house because of her inability to cope with the stress due to the abandonment of her husband, and bureaucratic technicality. On the other you have Berhranis and his family, a Persian family that came to America on the soul bases of saving their lives. When The Berhranis left Persia they lost everything they had, and they went from being a high class society to working class society. The main reason why Berhranis wants Kathy home is because to him this house symbolizes economic growth and security.

However, both characters are doom to tragedy by their inability to understand each other hurling down an explosive collision course. Ultimately I think this film depicts how lonely and individualistic the pursuit of the American dream can be and I guess some dreams can’t be shared and it also touch on the ideas of home and the emotional ties that we have placed on them..


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