Blog 4 Proletariat and Bourgeoisie

When Marxs explained this concept, I was so glad I chose Sociology as a major. It is so funny how generation after generation society may become more civilized; however, certain traits are impossible to get rid of. My point is to whoever thinks that just because we live in a more developed environment than individuals did hundred years ago makes this society better than the societies in the past could not be wrong.

My point is this theory could be traced all the way back to ancient times. For example, no matter what point in history is studied there has always been individuals(proletariat) working for owners of production:kings,emperors,lords etc..

Therefore, society is more modernized, but human beings still behave in a similar way to the ones in the past. No matter how many generations come after our current generation this theory will always play an influence. In a sense history keeps repeating itself.


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