Post 3- Durkheim suicide

Durkheim puts a very interesting view on suicide. Most of us (I would assume) see suicide as a very personal problem. The want to take ones life is a personal decisson not a social issue. Yet he brings up the issue in a very interesting way. Suicide is strongly linked to society. The societies in which the individual is connected to their society, such as in Catholic societies, the indiviual is less likely to commit suicide then in societies where the indivual is less connected to their society, such as in Protestent societies.

This was an interesting concept which I tried to connect to my individualist view on suicide. If a person is stronly connected to their society they have a much stronger social circle, or a group of people who they may be able to go to for emotional support. If you have support of loved ones the difficulties in life that may lead one to thoughts of suicide may be dealt with with the support. An individual who is in a society without as much social support may not have a social circle to turn to when they have emotional difficulties.


3 responses to “Post 3- Durkheim suicide

  1. Durkheim definitely gives us an interesting view to look at suicide. When I think of suicide, I also think of something very personal and related to the individual. At first, it may seem strange to look at suicide in terms of society and how society plays a role on whether a person commits suicide. However, when you think about it, it does make sense when you see it with a social perspective. As you said, if a person has a strong social circle then those people can help the person get through with his or her difficulties. But a person who is not integrated into society will not have anybody who can help them get through with their difficulties.

  2. I agree with you. I thought suicide as a very personal problem of an individual. However, the way Durkeheim describes suicide is intersting because it seperates into categories and states that some social classes are more expose to it than others.

  3. I love this post, every time im reading people postes about the suicide, it just bring up so much thing in my mind at the same time. That is so true, suicide is kind of personal mater, but the way Durkeheim describes suicide is intersting. the societies that is connected to our society is individual, but if we think about it carefuly, it is the society, famiy, relationship between two poeple make the person to do suicide. So many people die by suicide every year, but we can not help it.

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