Post 2 The film “House of Sand and Fog”

The film “House of Sand and Fog” that we saw in class was great.  It was amazing how seemingly small and insignificant events can quickly snowball to dramatically change the lives of those involved into that kind of problem. The film shows how both those families go through financial crisis, which involves economics and, traditional culture just because of  “money”.  However, this film starts with a very nice joyful; moment (a wedding), but right after that shows how Kathy suddenly finds herself homeless after her house was sold to somebody because she didn’t have money to pay the bills. On the other side we saw Behrani pick up a newspaper ad saying that” a house is up for auction”, so He and his wife and teenage son all want the house and Mr. Behrani bought it. When Kathy finds out that her house was sold. She goes to talk with the new owners and hurts herself.  Her foot was bleeding and the construction people picked her up and took her inside. She felt so strange in her own house.  At that point we can see that “Life isn’t always ice cream and teddy bears.” Sometimes the cowboy doesn’t ride off into the sunset. And that’s what makes this so compelling, the realism. I think the view point of this film was that many people can go through financial problems when they think everything is so perfect in this life, but money can change their whole lives.


3 responses to “Post 2 The film “House of Sand and Fog”

  1. When I saw this movie I thought the same. It is crazy how “money” can either make an indvidual or completely causevhis or her downfall. The majority of us probably thought when we were growing up that the world was perfect; however, it is sad when realism hits and we realize that is not the case.

  2. That is exactly how I felt after watching this movie. Money really does play a big role in our lives. People can be living a perfectly happy life and with one mistake and with the economy not helping at all, someone can really lose everything that they worked so hard for so quickly. It’s hard to realize and face these situations that life throws at you.

  3. This movie was so great and made me feel the same way after watching it. It’s crazy how much money plays a huge part in our lives everyday and we don’t even realize it. This movie perfectly illustrated that not everything last forever; you can have a big nice house one day and the next day you can wind up with absolutely nothing. It just goes to show you how unpredictable the economy and just life in general can be. This movie demonstrated that no matter how hard you try there’s just going to be certain situations that you won’t be able to have any control over.

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