“Prestige Beauty” and Celebrity Brands

That’s actually how market researchers categorize the industry — “prestige beauty,” fragrances, skincare, and makeup consciously marketed for its status-elevating powers.  On the left, is Donald Trump’s latest fragrance, Success.  According to market researcher NPD Group, Trump picked a good time to enter the market, as sales of prestige fragrances rose 11% in 2011, the strongest showing in 15 years.

Celebrity fragrance sales outpaced the overall fragrance category, rising 57 percent from 2010 to 2011. Those sales were largely driven by celebrity brands for women.  Trump’s new fragrance will be advertised on television and in a print campaign, featuring Miss Universe Ximena Navarrete.  According to the press release, the scent “exudes sophistication and confidence.”

What do you think?  Will people (you?) buy it?  What accounts for the recent success of the “prestige beauty” market?


7 responses to ““Prestige Beauty” and Celebrity Brands

  1. I believe that the idea of materialism in this capitalism country is the only way for an economy to function properly. Marx discussed about the idea of status being significant when socializing with the world, but status also includes power. This form of power is the power to produce certain desires to the world for one’s own benefit. Many businessmen and especially celebrities uses their status and power to be wealthy for their own sakes. I do not believe that the celebrities will ever have hard time making people buy their products. In other words, celebrities are famous people that others look up to, or be like. Whatever product a person produce, their fans will definitely would want to buy a piece.
    For instance, if you look at any magazines (New York Times, Daily News, MetroNews and etc) you will definitely not two but probably more than five advertisement on clothes, jewelries,and so forth that has a famous name brand. It is very obvious that these name brand products are expensive and hard to obtain. As Thorten explained about conspicuous consumption it is the idea that people will buy name brand things to identify themselves in the society or to be able to integrate into the society. Often these advertised products captures those who have money and those who are willing to spend it.

  2. danacarpentieri

    I think people will buy this fragrance by Donald Trump. First off, he’s smart to put out a frangrance now due to the rise in sales of fragrance in 2011. Lots of people admire Donald Trump and he is considered to be a charismatic successful leader hence the title of his fragrance. People will buy it because they feel like Donald Trump when they are wearing it. That’s why celebrity fragrance is amongst the top selling fragrances on the market today because your favorite celebrity attaches their name to a fragrance and you feel like you are them when you are wearing it. I am a perfect example of this because Britney Spears is my idol and anytime she comes out with a fragrance I as a devoted fan of hers will buy it. The recent success of the prestige beauty market is simple. They target those who have money and prey on peoples emotions such as using a beautiful model to portray the unrealistic fantasy world we all desire to be apart of. On a daily basis, most people do not look like Miss Universe.

  3. rosemarieangeline

    The prestige beauty market is more evidence how celebrities influence consumers. It is interesting how we are still in an economic crisis but the sales of these fragrances are the highest seen in 15 years. The recent success of the prestige beauty market is partly because of the increase of celebrities wanting to release their own perfume. Since people do idolize many different celebrities, they will at least consider trying the new fragrance by their favorite celebrity.
    Donald Trump symbolies wealth and success to people. During a time like this economy, people are having a harder time getting jobs. People may purchase it in hopes of feeling successful and more confident for their next job interveiw.

  4. I definitely think people will buy it, both women and men. Those of high class of course and who live in the city. High class people just may believe that it will emphasise their sophistication and status because they’re wearing Trumps fragrance. I personally would not buy it and maybe it is in part due to my status in society but more so because I’m not big on trying new things. I tend to buy brand named perfumes yes, but it’s because they have excellent fragrances, not because of the name. If there was a fragrance that caught my attention and it wasn’t brand named, I would purchase it indeed. As far as these fragrances Donald Trump is coming out with, I believe it just may only be sold in certain areas such as Manhattan, and maybe even Long Island and then as time progresses then it will be branched out to other retail locations. I think Trump is a wise man when it comes to making money and there are many individuals who support him and assist him and accumulating more wealth on top of what he already has.

  5. I would only buy his “fragrance” (that sounds strange doesn’t it) if I enjoyed the smell. I personally don’t buy colognes based on celebrity endorsements but that’s just me. One possible reason for the soar in celebrity fragrances could possibly be America’s fascination with celebrities and pop culture. Just like we discussed in class, we tend to fetishize products and give them a sort of mystical power over us.

  6. Donald Trump hopped on the bandwagon with releasing this new fragrance. Over the past several years, we have seen countless celebrities releasing their own line of fragrances, make up, and clothing, only to gain profit from their sales. One thing that buyers do not know it that the fragrance itself is usually inexpensive to produce, the majority of the money goes into the presentation of the product, such as its fancy glass bottle. So unless the fragrance is 100% perfume, buyers are paying for scented alcohol in a nice glass container. However, it is a good investment for celebrities and the public seems to enjoy buying products that their favorite celebrity released. But I believe, prestige beauty only interests those who strive to fit a certain aesthetic and be accepted by a certain group of people, like those who wish to “exude sophistication and confidence.”
    Donald Trump is a great example how people would throw their money at anything with a famous face. Personally, I would buy the perfume if I wished to smell like a successful billionaire with a bad haircut. :)

  7. To be honest it sickens me that people believe we must have capitalism to run society, what happened to happiness without paper? Nonetheless I believe people will buy this item who are concerned with materialism and those who want to exude a “sophisticated” presence. Though usually i envision cologne and perfumes commercialized with sex appeal. In fact I cannot think about i one scent I’ve seen advertised differently. Perhaps Trump using a miss universe candidate will make up for his lack of sex appeal. I personally would not buy it unless I liked the smell and even if I did its the principle of the perfume itself. As consumers we watch Trump gain more and more money while we scramble about thinking about the recession. Why would I want to buy into another part of his “success”?

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