Blog #3: Too Big to Fail

     I found the documentary Inside Job to be an interesting take in describing the financial meltdown that occurred in September of 2008.I thought that it was a simple, straight forward analysis of the situation. The movie clearly takes the position that deregulation is evil and one of the sole causes of the crash. As a political science major, one quickly learns that every issue has more then one side, so I did some research examining critiques of the film as well. Most documentaries are politically motivated. I am not saying that this is necessarily a bad thing, but keep that in mind before blindly believing every word spoken in a politically charged and motivated documentary. I found an interesting article that criticizes the directors hollywood gotcha movements and his failure to include prominent guests such as Greenspan, Paulson, and Bernanke among other things (they are in cahoots with the evil corporations and banks, their opinions do not matter!) Here’s the link for the review

     I am joking, obviously, but my point is, both political parties are to blame for the economic meltdown. I also do not buy 100% into the notion that de-regulation was the sole cause of the banks running hog-wild. That doesn’t mean that it could have played a part, or that the director didn’t bring up interesting topics. I am merely saying that as a rational viewer, one must realize that the director (whether they be a liberal, conservative, socialist, fascist, communist etc. etc. etc.) is motivated by their own views. So, as the viewer, we must listen to what the movie has to say, but also see what else is out there. This is of course unless you like blindly following the masses without doing any research on an issue (which seems to be happening more and more with political issues on the right and left lately). I guess that’s fine too. Just please stay away from the poll-booths.


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