Too Big To Jail?

As documented in the film, “Inside Job” (2010), after years of deregulation and concentration, by 2008 US financial institutions were considered too big to fail — so large and interc0nnected that their failure could destabilize the entire global financial system.  This state of affairs was said to create moral hazard, a tendency to take undue risks due to the expectation of bailouts.

Could a similar dynamic be at work in the domain of criminal justice?  The graph below attempts to diagram what’s called America’s “theft-to-punishment inflection point.”   What does it mean? Is the logic compelling?


One response to “Too Big To Jail?

  1. Professor,
    I posted my first blog just now. I don’t see it though, and I don’t know how to place it in the soc331 section. Can you help me please? Do you even see my post? Please get back to me when you can.
    Sharon Spiegel

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