Blog 3-The Yellow Wallpaper

The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman told the story of a young woman who was thought of to be sick both mentally and health wise. Her husband was also her doctor and main caregiver throughout the passage. He believed that it was best for her to be under his care, and that she should follow his instructions on the road to recovery. Unfortunately as the passage goes on, he begins to see images on the yellow wallpaper throughout the home. She becomes extremely fascinated with the image that she see in it, and begins to become obsessed with it. Through time she takes not of what she is seeing, and begins to see the image of a woman being suffocated within the wallpaper.

This passage by Gilman is on that shows a lot of irony, especially with the way the husband treats his wife. He treats her with a lot of domination, and the wife throughout the story follows his orders because he is seen as “the man of the house”. Unfortunately the husbands poor treatment is what gets the woman more sick, especially psychologically. Its this treatment that women in society receive still till this day, and I as a woman fall victim to it all the time. Coming from a home in which my father is “the man of the house”, it is easy for women to fall into the domination of men. They believe that they are superior, and we must do what is in their best interest.


4 responses to “Blog 3-The Yellow Wallpaper

  1. Even though “The Yellow Wallpaper” was written in 1892, some of the norms and expectations in the story are still apparent in todays society. Many women in various cultures today have a dominant husband and live in a household where “the man of the house” is always right. Unfortunately, feminism has come a long way throughout history, but expectations will continue to be challenged.

  2. I really liked the response this blogger gave about Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s “The Yellow Wallpaper”. In the short story by Gilman the narrator has had a mental breakdown. She is a prisoner in her own room because the yellow wallpaper makes her feel uncomfortable. She eventually rips the wallpaper down because the wallpaper is too much for her to handle anymore. Throughout the entire story the wallpaper overwhelms the narrator and causes her to have both physical and mental stress.

    The blogger connects the husband’s treatment of his wife to her sickness. I also believe this factored into why the narrator got so mentally sick. I like how the blogger said that many women till this day fall victim to the title men are usually given when it comes to being the man of the house.

  3. It obvious that feminism hasn’t completely taken it’s part in history although it has come a long way from where us woman first began. I feel that the narrator broken down both mental and physically because of the issues a man plays in the role in the marriage. I know for me being Puerto rican, the men have always had that mentally that they are the head of the house hold and a woman’s role is to stay home and clean,cook and take care of the children. For some woman they accept this as there role, but I think for myself growing up now a days i feel i need to be independent and not continue this pattern of how woman in my family have taken up that role almost as a “Maid”.

  4. rosemarieangeline

    It is true that today men do feel they run the household because they are supporting the household financially which leaves women to follow the husband’s lead. In an old cartoon the mother would state “Wait till your father gets home.” This automaticly puts the father in a higher position of power. Why can’t the mother fully address the situation? Why put the husband in such a position of power and fear? I can remember myself as a child hearing my mother state “Wait till your father gets home.” Although women do reside in households where the man is the head of the household, this has decreased over time. More women have more say in the household especially as they are bringing in more financial stability.

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