Blog 2 “House of Sand and Fog”

The movie “House of Sand and Fog” was an amazing movie to watch in class. It was crazy to see how quick someones life can be ruined and dramatically changed forever. money palys a big role in society and this movie shows how both families go through a financial crisis. In an instant her life changed and she was homeless because she was wrongly accused of not paying her taxes. society gives no chance to the working class. This house was left to her from her father and meant everything to her because it was a memory of him and all of his hard work and for her to lose it that quickly ruined her emotionally and mentally. The new owners bought the house without even thinking about what the value of that house really is to Kathy. In society, everyone is looking out for themselves. Its sad but thats reality. Money can ruin a persons life and without it you cannot do anything. Its unfair that only a select few benefit from other peoples pain. This movie shows how life isn’t always how you might think it is. You might think that everything is perfect and in a secong your whole life can change. Thats when reality hits.


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