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Occupy Fashion Week

Occupy Fashion Week certainly does tie into Occupy Wall Street in a non-obvious way. When one thinks “Fashion Week” instantaneously what comes to mind is New York, a beautiful venue, celebrities, money, extravagant clothing, parties, and the lavish lifestyles they are living.  When one thinks “Occupy Wall Street” what comes to mind is a park, protestors, anger, fighting, and commotion. Although both very different, there certainly are a few similarities.

Both Fashion Week and Occupy Wall Street are all about a common interest. Collectively the protestors and the spectators watching these shows are brought together because they either love fashion or are fighting for a cause. Designers and protestors are alike in the sense that they are expressing themselves and making a statement. They are both receiving a ton of publicity and were both being followed by millions of people nationwide.

One designer said that social change effects fashion because they are a liberal community as a whole. Another designer said that his work reflected occupy wall street because his pieces were “held back” and there was a “strictness” this time around for Fashion Week and he partially was influenced by Occupy Wall Street. It was said in the video that the protestors were all about visually showing the world how they feel and the same goes for fashion. The designer is visually showing the world how they feel through their clothing. Fashion is connected to music, to art, to politics, and to people. It is ironic in the video when they flash from Fashion Week to Occupy Wall Street. It is a completely different world yet there are underlying similarities yet still a tremendous amount of obvious differences. 


2 responses to “Blog 2

  1. I agree that although fashion week and occupy wall street are two completely different things they have their similarities. In a way they are both expressing themselves. When you think about it, both are trying to change something. For fashion week, they are trying to change art and the way we dress. For occupying wall street, they are trying to change the way the economy is and how they think it should be.

  2. Very perceptive post, nicely framed — indeed, as disimilar as these two arenas appear at first glance, on the surface, they actually share important features. As you note, both sets of actors are highly attuned to visual culture, appearances, and media. The same way that “fashion,” by definition, involves a minority pioneering new looks, social movements feature a minority of the public pioneering new ideas.

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