Blog #3 – Charlotte Perkins Gilman & Gender Inequality

“The Yellow Wallpaper” was a story written by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, a woman who was almost forced into complete insanity because of the issue of women inequality. Gilman was a writer and was prohibitted from writing or doing anything at all for that matter, besides just sitting in a room doing absolutely nothing, to cure her from “hysteria.” Meanwhile during these times of gender inequality, healthy normal women were practically driven into insantiy. Women were thought of as “childlike” and “fragile” and men did not think women should do anything to develop their minds, which is the reason why Gilman was prohibited from writing at the time. Men felt superior to women at this time and Gilman was one women who was trying to break through that. Gilman had wrote anyway despite of what her husband said and when the story was brought out into the public, many people didnt even realize exactly what she was writing about and made no linkage between the story and the writer being a woman.

Today women have alot more freedom and are free to do whatever it is that they want. Yes, at times some people still have the mindset that woman cannot do certain jobs or are not as good as men at certain tasks but that is not true. Men and women are capable of the same things. Still today, although most women do not consider themselves inferior to men, some women may feel that a man should support them financially and “take care” of them, placing themselves in a “childlike” life. For example, in the clip presented by Tyra Banks, many mothers surprisingly had said to “marry for money”, causing the little kids to believe that they should look for a man that is wealthy! One mother in particular had said that she wanted her daughter to find a man that would be able to “take care” of her. This goes back to the issue in the past when men thought of women as “fragile” and “childlike”, now years later there are women that still think this way. This woman spoke of her daughter as if she was going to be a child forever and that she needs someone to take care of her. It is crazy to me how some women can think this way and how they still marry for money. In the past women have tried so hard to break through gender inequality, to be treated in the same respect that men were, and to be independent. Now alothough women have the oppurtuinity to make something of themeselves, some women still just want to depend on a man to support them for the rest of their lives.


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