BLOG 4- Gold-Digger or Realistic Women?

Why, in this day and age, are many mothers still so intent on having their daughters “marry into money”?  How is it that such young girls already have a keen awareness of “men with money” and have developed close associations between wealth and happiness?

Or is this “marrying for love” vs. “marrying for money” dichotomy — the idea that we must make a choice between (“irrational,” passionate) love and (rational) materialism — oversimplified?


To answer your question professor, I believe many women are “gold-diggers’ because it delves deeper than the material. Although, sickening and “pathetic”, I strongly believe, this notion of obtaining wealth in whatever means possible, is an idea ingrained in us, as a people, in this society and obtaining wealth through marriage is no different.

Many mothers teach their daughters to marry a rich man, a wealthy man who could take “care” of them. And many mothers now say: “It’s just as easy to fall in love with a rich man than an average one,” but where did this idea come from?

I believe it is derived from the beginning of society. According to Marx, the world is divided; the bourgeoisie and the proletariat; the wealthy and the poor. Marx’s concept of the poor taking over the wealth or overpowering them, was not realistic because we live in a capitalistic country, and even communist countries have a divide among the rich and the poor. No country has been successful, in achieving pure communism. In this sense, wealth and money will always be an issue. Obtaining wealth will always be a goal for many and for women it is even a bigger issue.

Men and women were and are treated differently. In this day and age, it is still difficult to achieve pure equality among our brethren and sisters, especially in the career field. Women have seen this happen and many experienced this first-hand. And this is when “gold-diggers” appeared.

Gold-diggers I believe are a hybrid of ambitious and patriarchal women. I believe they think that because we live in a male-dominated society, one should “adapt” to it, obtaining wealth through marriage and relationships. And although, their way of thinking is limited it can also be seen as “realistic” because it shows the apparent divide among men and women.


5 responses to “BLOG 4- Gold-Digger or Realistic Women?

  1. You bring up a very valid argument regarding this issue which I definitely see being true. The world has a division between the bourgeoisie and the proletariats just like Marx had said. It is no surprise then to see why some people have the beliefs that they do, especially mothers. I’m not saying it’s the right way to think, but it’s definitely a way of instrumental rational thinking; that mothers want their daughters to achieve a certain goal (be financially stable) which actions (such as marrying a rich man) will lead in the best and most effective manner to that goal. However, the problem that some women don’t see is that life is unpredictable and crazy things are always happening. Money can be here tomorrow and then gone the very next day.

  2. rosemarieangeline

    It is a valid point to say some women adapt to the gender division and manipulate it to achieve wealth. Some women see the stuggles of a woman in the career force and working in the home; as a result would rather take the easier way out. Of course this could back fire and parents should educate to their children to achieve their own career.

  3. I agree that most of society is obsessed with wealth. Women are no different than men in that aspect, however they differ in their methods. Gender inequality is still apparent, and I think it is a big reason it contributes to “gold diggers”.

  4. I agree with this blogger’s reasoning on society’s obsession with marrying into wealth. In todays society people are no longer are getting married because they love eachother, they are getting married becasue of money and comformity when it comes to lifestlyle.

  5. Sophisticated analysis. Wise analytic move to unpack the contemporary, culturally-specific notion of “gold digger” to see if there’s something more general going on. Speaking of “adaptation,” it’s worth noting the growing phenomenon of men marrying women for money — male “gold diggers.” These days it’s increasingly common to see (straight) couples where the woman makes more money than the man, in which case men are departing from patriarchy to adapt to…capitalism. Neither is “natural,” the survival of both requires that we take for granted their assumptions about human nature and society.

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