BLOG #4: Can I Get Yo Numba?

BLOG #4: Can I Get Yo Numba?

I posted a classic Mad-TV skit (if you haven’t seen it watch it! If you have seen it…watch it again!) where a guy tries, and fails miserably, to flirt and get a girl’s phone number before the beginning of a movie. As an interesting side note, the character Darrell is played by a woman. The video is a perfect example of what flirting, described by George Simmel, would NOT look like.
Simmel requires a duality of consent and denial. The person being hit on , as well as the person doing the flirting, engage in a sort of dance or tit-for-tat. The idea is to “draw the man on without letting matters come to a decision, to rebuff him without making him lose all hope.” In this video, the woman clearly is not interested and refuses to give her number. Flirting involves gestures, stance, and eye movement. Notice how in the beginning of the video, Darrell is trying to make eye contact and engage the woman (albeit in a very creepy matter). He is constantly moving closer to the woman and staring at her. When the movie begins and Darrell’s attempt at flirtation is over, he sees another woman enter the theater and quickly moves to her, implying that the process is going to happen again.
“”Oh Yvonne! That’s a French ass name Yvonne! Yeah, my lil croissant!” Get’s me every time.


6 responses to “BLOG #4: Can I Get Yo Numba?

  1. I definitely remember watching this skit before but had to watch it again because it’s just so hilarious. According to Simmel flirtation is a type of erotic play in which an actor continuously alternates between consent and denial; the point is basically to reel the person in just enough to not let them lose hope. This skit is a great example of the complete opposite Simmels idea of flirtation and even sociability. Darrell clearly is doing a horrible job at flirting because it is clear that the woman does not want to give him her number and he continues to make it very awkward. This could go hand in hand with sociability as well because sociability is a type of interaction that consists of “play-form association”. It is when you are talking to someone just for the fun of it and the conversation just goes well and flows without anybody forcing it or making it awkward. Clearly in this skit this is not the case because Darrell is trying so hard to talk to the woman to the point where you can see in her face that she feels very uncomfortable.

  2. I love that skit! I agree that Simmel would not see it as flirting. The guy in the video is obviously trying to flirt but the girl does not want to interact with him at all. The fact that he is asking for her number right away is also why Simmel would say it’s nor flirting, he is trying to get something from the conversation instead of simply talking to her.

  3. Darrell’s approach to the woman in the theater would not be categorized as flirting according to Simmel. Darrell first remarks out loud regarding the sex appeal of the woman seated several rows in front of him. Because all he can see is the back of her head (in this case her ponytail,) Darrell is not making eye contact and he cannot see her face or body for that matter till he begins to encroach on her personal space. Flirtation requires some signals of interest and of back and forth consent in the form of body language, speech, or other social cues. The woman was clearly not interested in Darell and his attempt at flirtation was a complete failure because he was too aggressive and made her feel uncomfortable by trying to force the phone number out of her.

  4. ive heard others talk about this video before but never got a chance to see it. I think this video is soo funny and it is definitely flirting gone bad. The way he approaced her makes her not even want to talk to him at all even if she had been interested even a little bit. If he would have approaced her in normal way and flirted the differently without being extremely pushy or repetitive she might have had different thoughts on it and possibly would have showed interest back.

  5. alexandrazayas1

    This is absolutely ‘flirting gone wrong’ and Simmel would certainly agree. It is a two way street, not one person holds all the interest and the other is simply annoyed by it. It requires social cues and physical action which this video clearly lacks. One sided flirting is always unsuccessful.

  6. I found this to be really funny. It definitly doesnt go with Simmels theory on flirtation. I think now a days most people go against his theory by continuing to flirt with someone who doesn’t recipricate. I believe most women go throught this at some point in their lives. Simmel is more about both parties feelings the attraction and this video is clearly a one sided situation with the woman trying to avoid Darrel.

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