Blog 4-Sex Sells and its importance in society

After watching a couple of M.I.A.’s videos in class, it was clear to me that the rapper/artist was trying to mock the fact that sex is an important aspect in our society. A lot of the things that we do personally are based on it, for example the way dress, the way we want to smell, and the way we take care of ourselves. Being sexual is seen as something attractive, and catches the attention of both sexes alike. M.I.A. in most of her videos is very aggressive, and rebellious, and does not place a lot of emphasis on attracting the the opposite sex. However in her video “XXXO” she matches the lyrics of her son talking about being sexual in the digital age, with various images of things that seen as “feminine” and sexual.

The song talks about romance and the importance of being sexual in the digital age. M.I.A. often repeated the lyrics “you want me to be something that I’m really not” suggests that women are often forced to be sexual in order to appease the opposite sex and create that desire within them. It is often disappointing to see that romance in the present day cannot exist without sexuality, and that it cannot survive or be created out of pure love.


3 responses to “Blog 4-Sex Sells and its importance in society

  1. I do not agree that sex is important in our society in the way you are describing. Attraction is the aspect on value. At this point in time the way we are told to attract others is to be overly sexual. To say women are being forced to be sexual seems untrue. Woman are not being exactly forced, they just know that to get what they want they must be sexual.

  2. In today’s society sex does sell in which people make it very viewable in music videos today. For example, when viewing the M.I.A video of XXO in class when she was showing different images and lyrics which were portraying sex in a major way that attracts females to the images being shown in the video. Attraction is what makes a person noticeable in their videos and to people all around the world that is listening to their music.

  3. I actually agree that sex does sell. Its not even the M.I.A videos that prove that, its also videos from artists like Trey Songz. He’s shirt less in almost all of his videos and has women barely clothed dancing in them. I also notice that during the holidays when perfume companies start advertising they have men and women acting sexual in their commercials. What does sexual behavior have to do with smelling good?

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