A Privilege being white

I wanted to share this becuase it reminded me of Du-bois statements and it was nice to hear a  Tim Wise, a white man speak of how these privileges effect everyone.



4 responses to “A Privilege being white

  1. Thanks for posting! I look forward to watching it.

  2. Interesting. It is nice to see how passionate he is about what he speaks about!

  3. This is a very interesting video. He talks about the privilege of being white and how people of color wouldn’t be taken as seriously if they were to talk about this topic, meanwhile the speaker himself got his information from a person of color. He talks about the issue of race and how it is a great issue. He talks about the role of racism in regard to school, healthcare and poverty. I completely agree with this in that racism and discrimination is a big problem and how it is not being taken seriously. This has been a problem for years and no one mentions how race plays a big factor in all of these.

    • I mean it is awesome for someone to acknowledge how people till this day can be racsist. Escpecially coming from a well know man, that has not experience such things but as seen the privilege he get for just being a white man.
      He views how the world has change but not entirely and how for being of any color can take you to certian paths without your intentions. I am glad you enjoyed it.

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