Blog 3 : Du Bois

As much as our nation has tremendously stride in racial problems, to where Obama could become a president, the color line issue still exists today. Du-bois stated “the problem of the twentieth century is the problem of the color line – the relation of the darker to the lighter race of men ..”.  Although he is right, discrimination not only lies in color but the “minorities” in America including Latinos, Asians, etc. In one of my previous classes we discussed the color issue that included getting a job, home, and what someone would earn throughout their life. Not surprisingly African American and Latino came at bottom having less opportunity to get a job, next to a Caucasian person. Bluntly, our society consist of racial profiling, because there is a certain image that fits with a certain network image. Let even take the police for example,  whom usually stop and frisk, “suspicious looking people”. Again, what do suspicious looking people, look like? Fair to say that the white man has privileges just for being white, not even for merit, but just being a social class “greater then the rest“ resulting in more power.

Evidently, Americans are not the only ones suffering of color-line syndrome, other countries as well as American have the same issues. Du-bois speaks of this double-consciousness and color prejudice that still exist today and the problems that arise with this issue. It produces a world of inequality and injustice that Dubois spoke upon in the Souls of Black Folk, ultimately dividing nations from white and no-whites. In many countries, even in Central and South American, there are displacements between the lighter skin and darker skinned people living. In Colombia, Afro-Colombian live in el choco, the most impoverish departments inadequate for the need of the people, like education, and infrastructure. Similar to the United States and the Detroit situation, where the poorest are know to be African American. Even though Colombia is considered less blatant then United states, the racial hierarchy still privileges light-skin and/or European feature. The point I get to is that is that color issue exist today, creating limitations for certain personals.


One response to “Blog 3 : Du Bois

  1. ciarasullivan25

    Sadly, the color-line still does exist in America today. We’ve certainly come a long way concerning racism, but there is still a long road ahead. Racial profiling exists in many places in today’s society; last week I was talking to someone about possibly getting a new job which would put me at the front desk of a popular catering hall. The person I was talking to said that the bosses would love me because I’m a white female and that was what they were looking for since I would be the first person anyone saw when walking into the establishment. While I did find that comment odd, I was not surprised by it- unfortunately racial profile is still a very real problem.

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