Blog # 3: Marrying for Money? Thoughts from Mothers & Daughters In nowadays

Blog 3

Marrying for Money? Thoughts from Mothers & Daughters

This video show that most of the women these days marrying a men for money, and they are teaching their young daughters to follow the same rules, so that they can have, or buy anything that they want in their feature, and so they don’t have to wish for anything, or hope for anything,  However the video also showed that finically supported men is not everything for living, but money does matter these days because if you think about is carefully these days everything are so expensive, and with people with low income cannot afford many things that they really want, so all they can do is wish, or hope for it. Other than that some people would go and do robbery or steel those stuff that they can’t afford. Therefore, in this video the mothers who went through those kind of problem they prefer, or advise their daughters not to go through what their own mother went through. That might be the reason for some women who encouraging, and training their young daughters from very early age. It might be sound better to those women who went though all those trouble in their life so one day can see their daughters to be financially supported and can live better life independently so they don’t have to face any problem in the equal socioeconomic status. However, I personally think that money is not everything for living that keep women happy. I believe in love support, and respect because what if a women marry a men with a lot of money & wealth, but he doesn’t even care about her, doesn’t respect her, and her children, or what if he is a very bed men who is doing side business with other some other women then his own wife, then what is the point of being with that kind of men. What would that women do with all of those money if her husband has no respect for her, but I think there are some woman who think that money is everything for them. Not his love.


4 responses to “Blog # 3: Marrying for Money? Thoughts from Mothers & Daughters In nowadays

  1. I agree with what you are saying marriage is a very sacred thing in which you both vow not to cheat or sleep with other people while being married to each other. In the society today there are many marriages that end up in a big divorce because the guy may not have interest in the wife anymore and may look other places for someone to satisfy their needs. A woman would definently want to marrry a guy who is wealthy and has everything a woman would want in a guy. I believe that marriages should be based on love for one another and not for money which would make a good relationship among the spouses.

    • Thank you so much for your comment, yes you are completely right. that’s what i exactly meant of writing this all thing, that these days it is kind of scary marrying someone because we never know what’s in that person mind behind. i have personally seen and observe that this women stay with her partner for money, and she have a boyfriend on the side, and enjoy her life with her boyfriend.

  2. Marriage should always be based on love, but in todays society that seems much easier said than done…There are too many people that fall in love with the material things rather than the person who owns those material things (such as money). Everyone says they are always going to marry for love, but it is becoming harder and harder with all the technologies being invented and all the things people think they need to have to be happy.

  3. Teaching your children to marry a man for money is just plain wrong. There is a different between wanting to marry a man that is financially stable and marrying a man for money. Every woman would like to marry a man with a job, a man that is going somewhere in life however marrying a man solely for his money is unmoral.

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