Blog 3: Tupac, A Du Bois Visionary

At a time in which African Americans were fighting for equality among the masses it was W.E.B Du Bois who stood up for the community of African Americans pleading that racism against them was unjust and uncalled for. It was this man that went against supremacy until all men and women were equal in the eyes of the U.S. Government and within the realms of everyday life. He felt that as a society each individual must have equal rights and for this he fought against the public lynching of Africans, the robust Jim Crow laws, and preached for the end of discrimination of African Americans in employment and education. After viewing Tupac’s prison tapes via Youtube, I could not help but notice the similarities in Tupac’s arguments to the one Du Bois continually made. Although Tupac has an extremely colorful background as a public figure who is now deceased his legacy still reigns through today. I noticed the similarities in their arguments because both figures felt in order for changes to occur people need to stand up in the community and fight for justice and end the hypocrisy and discrimination that surrounds us all. Tupac can be displayed as a Du Bois visionary through his outcries for an end to violence because just like Du Bois, he knows that changes are needed and the only way to get those changes to occur is for someone to stand up take control and be held accountable for the success of the society because the only was to grow is to work together and stop suppressing others around us.


2 responses to “Blog 3: Tupac, A Du Bois Visionary

  1. I watched the video clips also, but you point out a lot of important similarities. I think the video supports a lot of Du Bois ideas.

  2. I agree with your post. Tupac can be seen as “a Du Bois visionary” through what he aimed to achieve in the American and global society. What makes Tupac truly great is that he had the ability to influence the judgement of people through various mediums, such as music, poetry, movies, and simple communication. Although he is no longer here, his message lives on through his work, and still changes the way people understand each other and the world around them.

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