Fashion and Conspicuous Consumption

George Simmel views fashion as an aspect of social life built on the coupling of opposites and allows personal values to be expressed at the same time as norms are followed.  In the world today you see a variety of people of different cultures dressing in the attire they feel comfortable in wearing.  For example, when I am in school or hanging out with friends I would see people dressed in various aspects of clothing in which they are following their cultural values and shows who they really are as a person.  I believe that everybody has a right to choose how they dress and be viewed by other people.

Conspicuous Consumption  can be defined as ” the act of buying a lot of things, especially expensive things that are not necessary, in a way that people notice”.  Additionally, a clearer meaning suggest that conspicuous consumption is behavior whereby an individual can display wealth through extensive leisure activities and luxury expenditure on consumption and services.  For example, like someone owning many different cars when you need stuff for a house like toiletry and etc. In a way there is a balance between having and not having something because you do not have the money to collect it which makes it difficult for people.


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