DuBois-Racism as a socially constructed idea (#4)

DuBois says, “Today there can be no doubt that Americans know the facts; and yet they remain for the most part indifferent and unmoved.”  He was one of the first people to write about how race did not only exist at the rational level.  By rational level he means that it racism wasn’t only based on logic now, but now there were facts to back up the fact that racism exists.

I agree with DuBois that racism is now known about to an almost full extent and is recognized throughout society, and yet there seems to be little or no movement towards eliminating racism, despite the many efforts.  I think this is mainly because racism is a very socially constructed idea, and it seems near impossible to eliminate a socially constructed idea in society today. Being a socially constructed idea, it is almost being done subconsciously and things done subconsciously are done without though, which is why it is so hard to change this idea of racism, let alone eliminate it.


One response to “DuBois-Racism as a socially constructed idea (#4)

  1. Perceptive post. The point about how race works at a nonrational level too is critical. And you highlight what seems like a paradox — how race and racial differentiation is socially constructed but also extremely durable. At the same time, both the form and content of racial categories keeps changing. And the prestige/stigma attached to different categories keeps changing.

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