blog #1- The Power of Women

I found Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s Women and Economics appaling. Gilman made way to many generlizations without adequatte support. For my sociological seminar last semester I researched the gender gap in higher education. I found that women are quickly becoming the dominant population in higher education. As well, they are outperforming men in almost all aspects of education.

After doing my research last semester I realized what women are capable of. To compare a women to a horse is not only degrading, but also naiive. I am very excited to see what the world will be like a few decades from now. If the gender gap in higher education continues to increase, the world can very possibly be a different place. When women are the majority of the educaed ones in society, they will start to take over mens roles in the working force, and they will be the ones with all the power.


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