Blog # 4: An Introduction to Fashion, by George Simmel.

            I think Georg Simmel introduces fashion in a very different way than many other writers. For example, Marx, Weber, Durkheim, Therefore, I like the way he express and showed the difference views of fashion.  He also looked at fashion like as individual thing to identify everyone with their own traditional and people with modern cultures, different background, and religions, and much more.” He viewed the importance of society not as a system composed of institutions.” Just like someone had said this in one of their blog post from our class. I was completely agreed with that.  However, fashion has become very popular and attractive these days than anything. Few years back fashion wasn’t as popular as it is right now. For example, during the year of 2001, and earlier many students didn’t know about all those big brand, and wasn’t wearing them either, but today every single person want to have brand name stuff, these days even if you ask a 10 years old kids  they would know what brand they like, and what they want to wear, or buy. Using myself example, I was a very decent person in high school because I was very new to this country, so  I used to look at some people who use to wearing brand-name stuff, designer clothing dressing up every days,  putting on so much make up, manicures and pedicures every week  and all that, so I used to wonder why those people were wasting  so much money on fashion rather than spending this same time with family, or studying, but after few years, I became the same example of those people that I use to talk about because fashion is something that attract people to it, and make them look them look good, it gives a person a modern look. It also teaches a person many things, for example what brands people buy and wear these days or it gives you idea about what to buy for someone else as a gift.  Fashion is something that keeps you equal in the society you live in. However, Georg Simmel doesn’t view fashion as I imagine. In his study he also talks and shows an example of fashion for the upper class people and the lower class people that can never be the same.



3 responses to “Blog # 4: An Introduction to Fashion, by George Simmel.

  1. I really like this blogger’s explanation of George Simmel and his views on fashion. The blogger states that fashion has become so popular in today’s world. The blogger offers great examples to explain his/her views on Simmel and fashion.

  2. I really believe that fashion is a way people can express themselves through clothing. Everyone has their own unique style and that’s one thing that makes everyone different from one another. It is mostly true that people just want to look good however we don’t all have the same idea as to what looks good. And fashion keeps growing each year because its constantly changing and new trends are always coming out.

  3. rosemarieangeline

    I can relate to the statement of if you ask a 10 year old what they like, they would know which brand. I do believe fashion is a way to express yourself but at the same time the kids don’t know what it truely takes to earn and buy the designers they want. I’ve worked with preschoolers who have come to school with a pandora bracelet on and told me it was pandora. If parents are going to buy these things for their children, they should also know what it takes to earn them.

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