Das Racist – ‘Who’s That? Brooown!’


5 responses to “Das Racist – ‘Who’s That? Brooown!’

  1. Im sure this video was not to be racist but to possibly show people how every racial group or people of different ethnic backrounds are usually faced with racial discrimination. Racial discrimination is not only held against one racial group but against many different ones. This video showed different neighborhoods/people of different races and how racial discrimnations are held against several people of different races. I found this video interesting and i also like how they turned it into as if you were playing a video game.

  2. I think the point of this music video was to make fun of racism by creating scenes that are so extreme that they’re humorous. I though the video was extremely offensive and disturbing. I like that they did it in a way that you feel like you’re playing a video. I think this gets the point across that this is what we’re teaching our youth. Video games are geared towards the next generation, and if these are the messages they’re receiving how are we ever going to live in a world void of discrimination?

  3. I enjoyed this video greatly, and I felt as if the whole making it seem like it all was a video game was quite interesting. It was almost as if they were showing that every individual plays a different role in society and that people are like puppets and can play any role they choose. For instance it might sound crazy for Jay-Z and Justin Bieber to be riding around in a stretch limo that crashes like in the movie, but really whose to say that those two can’t be friends? Sounds strange even to myself saying it, but it is true they very well could be.

  4. I enjoyed the video and found it very amusing even though it was not trying to make fun of people but some would consider it racist because it was showing people of different cultural backgrounds and playing various roles as they are there to just entertain you. I did like the song even though it would be considered racists because it is talking about brown skin people in general and how they made into a version of Super Mario Brothers in a way if you look at it.

  5. This video was very interesting to watch. It showed various groups and how they act in society, but I don’t think it’s supposed to be taken too seriously. It showed different groups and how others perceive them to be. It showed people robbing a store just to get beer and it showed Sarah Palin as an all American girl. It just showed society and how others view them to be. The song was also very catchy and it made the video more enjoyable to watch.

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