Blog 3:Marrying for Money

In the video, it shows how most of the women now a days marry a man just for is money. They want to marry for financial security and to not worry about wanting or needing anything. They marry wealthy men to live a better life. To live the life they always dreamed of, even if there is no love. They also teach their daughters to follow in their footsteps. They want to see there daughters with money and not having to work and face economic problems. They dont want to see their daughters struggling to make a living and having a hard and miserable life to make some money. They would rather sacrafice love to have money instead. The upper class is where they want to see themselves and their daughters. Todays society is all about the man and his money, and without it your nothing. This is why women tend to just marry for money no matter what the situation is. but in my opinion it doesnt always work out how you planned. The video also shows how men with money are not always the best or not always good.The man can treat the woman bad and disrespect her and make her feel like she is nothing because he has the money. He becomes the powerful one.Thats why its not always the best idea to risk everything to marry a man with money. You need to be happy. His money can buy you materialistic things but it cant buy you happiness. You cant change a person if thats the way he/she is. Society is sometimes blinded behind the man and his money. He can be the worse person ever but because he is wealthy he liked by many. This is why women need to be more independent rather than depending on a man for his resources.


7 responses to “Blog 3:Marrying for Money

  1. This post can be debatable, not all women seek to be with a man for his possessions and wealth. Yes it is true that women want to be with a man that can provide them with security, but it does not mean that they have to be flourished with luxurious materials for them to actually stay with that man.

  2. i agree with this post, women sometimes marry for money for wrong reasons and are completed blinded by how they are being treated. Its actually a shame to know that women marry for money or stay with a man that does not treat them in any way nice just because he has alot of money and can buy her whatever it is that she desires. Of course not all women and relationships are like that but it is sad to see the relationships that are like that :/

  3. rosemarieangeline

    I wouldn’t say most women marry for money. Today, I would say less women marry for money because more women are obtaining an education and can bring in another income into the household. There are defintely women who do marry for money and they want to feel secure but this security is certainly false. It is certainly true, money can’t buy happiness.

  4. For some people, money is the most important thing in life so they do whatever possible to become rich. For many women being rich is important, They desire a life full of luxury and marrying a man that has money is the easiest way for them to obtain their ideal lifestyle.

  5. Women that marry for money only care about having a good life style. They will marry any man that has money even though they might not be in love with him. I don’t think its right for these women to teach their daughters to be just like them. Although they might have money, it doesnt mean that they are happy.

  6. I agree with this post as well , women should not only look at a man’s assets before marrying him . Even though they seek financial security for themselves and for there kids , it should not be the only factor they take into considerations .

  7. It’s really so interesting that people equate money with happiness. Obviously money does make life easier and extremely comfortable, but it can never guarantee happiness. I think happiness is a choice that is up to the individual. The perceptions of our mind is under our own control. People make millions one day and lose it all the next, fate is not in our control. The only thing we can do is choose, choose to be happy!

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