Blog 2: Racism in popular cartoon show, Family Guy

If you are familiar with the show Family Guy, you know that the show has many scenes that portray racism, for humor purposes. The show pretty much makes fun of all kind of people, Asians, Whites, African Americans, Hispanics, Jewish, Muslim and even blondes. Sometimes when watching the show I wonder how they are even allowed to air some of the comments that are made on the show. Shows like this one is just proof that racism is everywhere and that anyone could be a victim of racism. I honestly find the show hilarious but sometimes I think they just take some jokes too far and some people may be offended.  I wonder if the point of the show is too show different types of stereotypes and racism or too just show how screwed up the real world is by showing what is being said pretty much everyday.


10 responses to “Blog 2: Racism in popular cartoon show, Family Guy

  1. Thanks for posting, Mirela. It gets at interesting questions about what constitutes racism. The creators of the show, as well as its millions fans, would say that they’re making fun of racist stereotypes, which could be construed as challenging racism, not promoting it. Or do the intentions of the creators even matter if the effect is that it reinforces racist stereotypes, at least among some people? In any case, the show seems to be extremely popular and by watching it its audience seems to be sanctioning such representations, so it’s a significant cultural artifact I think.

  2. I agree with you that sometimes they take the jokes too far. I also like to watch this show and I know that they make racist jokes all the time. Some people might get offended by watching this but other people laugh it off and say that it is just a show. I think the fact that its a cartoon helps it get away with a lot of things. People still watch it even knowing that they make those type of jokes.

  3. I do not think the cartoon reinforces stereotypes but, aims to expose and ridicule racist attitudes that we can find in society. I think by creating scenes where people can view and relate to daily racist behavior, will teach a person how to be more conscious to what they say or how they react. By the show creating these scenes, racism is being presented to develop the consciousness of others, even though people do get offended.

  4. Shows like this are made for young adults and even though these shows are intended for humor it is a shame that being stereotypical is what we want our future generation to grow up learning.

  5. In my opinion, Family Guy purposly pushes out humor that leans towards racism but never goes too far. I’ve been a fan of the show since its creation and constantly watch reruns. They go after sterotypes more than anything else. It’s the way they present the material that determines what level of interpretation (from taking it too far to an easy jab). In terms of racism, they haven’t gone too far. The only episode that was banned during their 8 or 10 seasons on air was that which was centered around abortion.

  6. I agree that the above scenes from the clip are extremely offensive. However, i think because everyone is made fun of it kind of makes up for it. While you laugh at everyone else’s stereotypes, you feel a little jab when they make fun of your own kind. This enables you to mentally take a step back and realize how offensive certain nuances can be. It allows you to be sensitive towards others as a result of your own attack. Overall, I don’t think it’s right to make fun of anyone, but the humor allows us to make light of the unfortunate reality of discrimination that we live in.

  7. I really liked this post by the blogger and I feel that he/she did a great job in explaining how racist stereotypes are used in the show Family Guy. The video makes fun of Asians, Whites, African Americans, Hispanics, Jewish, the handicap and blondes. The show has always done this and I never took it seriously. I agree that some things may be offensive. but I think that because it’s a cartoon it makes it easier to say racist stereotypes and the creators of the show can get away with it.

  8. I watch this show all the time and I wonder the exact same thing: how do they get away with airing this stuff? I do appreciate the humor even if it is about my culture or my people because they make fun of everyone. I like that the show makes fun of these racial discriminations because we see them everyday and people are always afraid to talk about them or address them. So someone had too and if they throw humor into it thats even better.

  9. I’m not a big fan of cartoon, especially this one. However, I think people who watch cartoons, like this one, they wouldn’t get offended by it. I think they would find it more hilarious. I personally don’t think it would be rational to get offended but maybe some people do. I’m just wondering what happened to the nature of cartoons. They were initially intended for kids, and I’m sure most concerned parents would not make their child wath a cartoon like family guy. What happened to “bugs bunny”, “Barney”, “blues Clues”, etc. Those are what you call cartoons. (Good cartoons)!!

  10. Another show that shows issues like, race, poverty, government religion is South Park. Many people watch it because its funny but i honestly dont see the humor in. Sometimes you just wonder or ask why would they air these shows on tv when children and adolesects are watchibg it

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