Blog# 2 Fashion – Georg Simmel

Georg Simmel views fashion as an expression of individuality and express their identity of specific social class or status to society. In Georg Simmel era fashion do make distinction of identifying the upper class from the low class. Fashion is also use to attract opposite sex base on the styling and color of the clothing. In the twenty-first century fashion styles are way different from Georg Simmel era; if you go down to the lower eastside in the Village by Washington Square Park you see a diversity of people wearing different fashion clothing. Some of the clothing you see maybe tattered, but you will be surprise the price of the clothing. Fashion styles today could very elegant and simple; you cannot distinguish the wearer who is the upper class or the lower class. Today fashion also included types of “Bling, Bling” you wear with the clothing. Fashion will always be a statement in society no matter where you live.


2 responses to “Blog# 2 Fashion – Georg Simmel

  1. I definitely agree with what you stated in our blog, fashion will always be a statement in society . what you wear determines what status you hold in society . The lower class definitely looks up to those who are of a higher status and try’s to imitate them.

  2. I do think fashion depends on where you live and how much media exposure you have. Like the amish people dont care about fashion neither do mormons and alot of 3rd world countries. I believe fashion has alot to do with American culture and American culture that spread to other countries and in that case fashion became more important there also.

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