W.E. DuBois and his concepts

W.E. Du Bois’ “The Soul of Black Folks” introduces the color-line. Dubois defines the color line as a multidimensional manifesting as “racialized social institution,” “symbolic status hierarchy” and “internalized attitude” In other words,  the idea of blacks gaining the right to freedom of speech, rights, privacy and so forth are not all completely accepted by the community or society. Laws like the Jim Crow Law, Colonialism, slavery and many more restricted blacks from living the “normal “ life or trying to accomplish success in life. The color-line of a person makes a huge difference in the way how society/ community treat a person. For instance, In this modern era,it is statistically proven that majority of the students enrolled in a prestigious university are Asians, and whites. The population for colored or blacks are less 10% percent. This explains the question  about color-line, what are the requirements for a black or a colored person to enroll in an Ivy League University or how many blacks or colored professors are there teaching?  Does the universities have internalize attitude towards colored or blacks? Are these universities a racialized social institutions?

W.E. Du Bois continues to explain about the double consciousness and how an individual is affected by it. Double consciousness manifest in “the power of white stereotypes on black life and thought. Many of us have the notion in society that blacks are always perceived as being a delinquent in gangs because they live in a neighborhood that is surrounded by blacks or colored people. The idea s that people have affects the way others sees themselves and behaves themselves in society. And when that occurs, nobody  wants  to lend a hand to those who are looked down upon; as a result, leaving them to be influenced more by stereotypes.

Lastly, Du Bois ends it with the veil which is the stereotypes that whites bring to their interaction with the blacks,  I also believe this is also a symbolic representation of the invisibility of blacks in America. Du Bois believed that “as long as one is behind the veil, the world which yields him no self-consciousness but who only lets him see himself through the revelation of the other world.” He further explains in his book that transcending the veil will help people achieve liberty and gain self-consciousness. The Concept in the veil is to expose or elucidate the “invisible” history of blacks in America. I agree with him because blacks and colored people have been and still are being ignored by the community.  We often forget or refuse to accept the most important people that changed the course of history.  Du Bois is trying to point out that blacks or colored people must try to succeed in life so to prove the society that they are worthy of being known. Du Bois believed that every individual whether colored or black can and must step out behind the veil and  create their own self-consciousness in society.


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