Blog # 4 “Du Bois”

The clip that i heard really made me aware of how our society really feels and how they really are towards African Americans. The African American society all love Dubois because he is a very important figure to them. They depend on him because he is the one who studied the black community and how the problem against race could really be solved.He wants to end the  racism and discrimination against African Americans and wanted them to live the life that they deserve to live. With the same opportunities as whites. African Americans faced racial discrimination when applying for jobs and ended up not be able to support their families. He really was a great philosopher and he wanted to strengthen the black schools as well. African Americans had to deal with a lot, especially ignorance and poverty and Dubois was tryinng to overcome this and thats why he will never be forgotten in history. This issue still occurs today even though society doesnt necessarily admitt to it and it is very hard to end.


2 responses to “Blog # 4 “Du Bois”

  1. I also felt that way after seeing the clip, I feel like the more we see racism on tv the more we keep it alive. Racism will never be eliminated until ignorance is eliminated.

  2. alexandrazayas1

    DuBois can be seen as a role model for african americans. He took a stand and increased awareness regarding the troubles and hardships black people face on a daily basis. The color of one’s skin really did have quite the effect on how people treated you, although not as obviously, sadly that still exists to this day. They experience discrimination when applying for a job, and when walking down the street.

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