Blog 5: Will racism EVER end?

WEB Du Bois was am African American sociologist who wanted to know the lifestyle of an urban negro. His main target was Racism and believed in full civil rights for people of all colors. He wanted to increase political representation for the black community. The group that would help him bring forth this political representation, and would gather the chances for higher education amongst the African Americans, was called the “talented tenth”. He was the first to conduct a big sociological study of all the African Americans in the US. In his study he noted that blacks got paid low wages for undesirable work and lived in unfavorable homes while paying more rent than the other races. They were isolated from the rest of the community and population and lived in poverty and crime.

Du Bios states that the problems the African American faces will only be resolved when status is no longer determined by color. It wont be until the day that blacks are seen as successful, loving, hard working people, instead of being seen as a theif, a drug dealer amd a person who just listens to rap music that I think this will change. Coming from a background of slavery and now being judged by their outer appearance, I’m not sure if racism will ever end. It has definitely come a long way but when we look at clips like the one from the Tyra Banks show, we see that it sadly still does exist today. Unfortunately not only do other races look down on the black community, but even those who are black themselves go against their own race. In the clip there was a study done to show the reactions of folks who watched a scene where a black man was being chased by a white man, an African American woman also said that she agreed that chances were that the black man was being chased because he robbed the white man. The stereotypes, the discrimination and prejudices must end amongst all people, even colored folks themselves. If not again, I’m not sure if racism will ever end.


3 responses to “Blog 5: Will racism EVER end?

  1. Comapred to the past, our society has improved greatly when it comes to discrimination and prejudices. However I dont think anyone can stop people from judging or having a preconcieved idea on a race or ethnic group. In my opinion the act of prejudice limits a persons success in society.

  2. Unfortunately, racism will probably never end. Personally I feel we are all human and thus are all entitled the same basic rights.However, it isn’t possible to eliminate racism as long difference exists. There will always be those who feel that others are less important that others.

  3. I think you raise an extremely valid and powerful point. Ending discrimination and racism isn’t only about altering the world’s view on your own race, a lot of it has to do with altering your own perception of your own race. It’s our natural tendency to perceive ourselves how other people perceive us and if the world is looking at us with negativity and shame how are we supposed to lift ourselves above it.

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