blog#1 W.E.B Du Bois

The souls of balck folks bring me back memories of my parents country (Colombia). It is interest how Du Bois states that “The problem of the 20th century is the problem of the color line..” . I’ve been to Colombia way too many times to know the exact number and just now I realise that all of the people I visited that are consider upper class have what they call “la muchacha” which basically is a young lady or older woman that does the house work, cooks, and does laundry among other. They usually stay in the house during the week and in the weekend they go home. It is not consider slavery because they get pay and have rights, but they are always of color. I’ve personally never seen a white lady doing that type of job. I believe that this is proof of Du Bois theory and analitical prespective how there will always exist a line between black and white people.

Moreover I believe this is a problem that is passed on by parents. We create stereotypes and become close minded. This is when Double conciousness comes into play. People(blacks) start to look at themselves from the eyes of others. Those who start to see themselves through the eyes of other begin to change and do what would make others happy. From my own prespective you have to make yourself happy first in other for others to be happy. I believe like Du bois that our problem is that we are always making a difference among people and judging them base on color. It is going to be something hard to change among humans, but not impossible.


3 responses to “blog#1 W.E.B Du Bois

  1. W.E.B Dubois was a very power man. His words were able to guide the African American community. He tried to benefit them in any way he could he taught them that they need to stand up for their rights because they deserve to be treated equally just like the rest of us.

  2. International comparisons are very helpful. Indeed, the “color line” seems to be sharper and even more institutionally embedded in other countries. I’ve been to Brazil and the racial segregation is much more stark, almost like a “racial caste system.”

  3. And please include the post # in your title so I can give you credit (this requires you go back and Edit the post.) Thanks.

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