Blog #5- Societies’ Interdependence

In Meads “Society”, he describes an ideal society where people actualize their potential meanwhile benefiting the community. He believes that modern societies have become interdependent on one another, just like we are interdependent in society. People today rely on expanding networks in order to attain specialized or different functions that one may not have. This same thing happens among different societies.

I think this is what is starting to happen in the world today. Not only societies, but also countries are starting to become independent on each other in order to survive; for example the alliance with the USA and Israel. The USA needs their alliance with Israel so that they can have an alliance with a democratic country in the Middle East. And Israel needs to keep their strong ties with America so that they can protect them with their strong army and back them up with political issues. From this we see that modern society is starting to form interdependent connections with each other.


2 responses to “Blog #5- Societies’ Interdependence

  1. Interdependent connections are very good for society and especially for countries around the world. I agree with Mead’s idea of society because if we dont interdepend on each other than the society will fall apart. I believe that a society is always more successful when they work together than when they stand alone.

  2. Interdependent connections can actually be healthier for the global economy than self sufficiency. It is interesting how nations deliberately choose to trade with one another to maximize profit and to keep the economy growing. It is interesting to see that entire nations suffer economically when not being immersed in the global trade.

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