Blog #4: David Starkey on English Riots

After viewing the clip on BBC news of a discussion between David Starkey, a historian, broadcaster Dreda Say Mitchell, and the author of Chavs, Owen Jones it can be clearly seen how Starkey feels the English riots have started because how he feels “the whites have become the black”. His comment, which to many if not all would seem entirely racist because his notions are thought for those people who choose to live life on the street as thugs and part of gangs, which he would classify as being “black”. He portrays his theory through his comment the the ”destructive, nihilistic gangster culture…has become the fashion”, meaning that gang violence has become the means necessary in winning an argument, thus allowing black culture to take over English society.

It can be seen through this video that historian David Starkey would find a difficult time agreeing with many of the points made by W.E.B. DuBois. This is true because DuBois praised and spoke out about equality of all people, as he was a civil rights activist. Starkey and his stance on whites becoming black would be anti-DuBois in that Starkey might feel that allowing all people equal rights would allocate for this gangster culture to for the most part overtake modern society and mold it into something much more destructive.


4 responses to “Blog #4: David Starkey on English Riots

  1. I agree with the blogger on how Starkey would probably not agree with DuBois based on his arguments. Starkey says that ‘gang violence have become the means necessary in winning an argument, this allowing black culture to take over english society”, but what is he trying to say here? Because to me it seems like he is saying that Black people are ruining the English (white) society. Race doesnt ruin a society it is people in general that make society a good or bad one.

  2. Even though it may seem like we have come a long way as a society in regards to race, unfortunately we far from the end. In response to aldianaj, basically in a nut shell Starkey is saying that “black culture” is at fault for the the whites behavior. You are absolutely right, race nor culture ruin society, people do.

  3. I agree with the two respondents as well. Race isn’t ruined by society, how can that be a debate when your society can also be viewed as your race- people do horrible things no matter what race, IQ level, blood type, but when many people in one race act out, society is quick to lash out on the whole race because it’s easiest to lump them altogether rather than saying that was a bad thing that person did.

  4. While Starkey and Du Bois obviously don’t share the same political vision, Starkey’s thinking is a perfect demonstration of Du Bois’s notion of the “color line,” both as internalized attitudes and as a symbolic status hierarchy. One might even argue that Starkey’s *racialized* thinking is based on a logic of “white supremacy.”

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