Blog 5: Tupac Uncensored And Uncut The Lost Prison Tapes

In the video Tupac Uncensored And Uncut The Lost Prison , Tupac discusses many topics. He goes from talking about the music industry to gangs to the problems of America. He starts off by talking about how he was being ridiculed for the lyrics in his songs. He felt that it was unfair because what he was saying was nothing compared to what other rappers were rapping about. I would have to agree with him on that, I always felt that Tupac was a real rapper, when I say real I mean rapping about real things. He rapped about real life topics unlike the majority of rappers that are out there today. When you turn on the radio all you hear is songs that revolve around money, sex and drugs. There are many rappers out there that down grade women in their songs, so because of all that I think Tupac should have been the last rapper to be ridiculed over his lyrics.

In the interview he also talks about how gangs should be used to benefit communities and not destroy them. He even says that America is the biggest gang ever and at first I was like what in the world is he talking about and then went he went a little more into detail, it made more sense to me. America is the country that always tries to rescue other countries. He states that whenever another country has a natural disaster or any type of problem, America runs on over and gives aid. When theres violence that goes on in other countries, America feels like its their responsibility to “fix” the problem. Their method is to contribute to the violence. Its always the problems that have nothing to do with our country, yet we always find our way in. Overall I found the video very powerful, Tupac`s words were memorizing I couldn’t help but listen to what he had to say.


4 responses to “Blog 5: Tupac Uncensored And Uncut The Lost Prison Tapes

  1. I thought it was interersting to hear him say that gangs can be used to benefit the community. He wanted the gangs tu be used as a method of protecting the community instead of promotiong violence. I think he wanted to change the negative into a positive. He knew it would be hard to stop violence so he look for another alternative. Gangs could help out the community by providing safety but also by letting the kids prosper so in the future they would be able to provide for the community as well.

  2. I agree, “Tupac should have been the last rapper to be ridiculed over his lyrics,” although his lyrics seemed to be controversial to some. Tupac was really versatile in his music. He advocated for the equality and respect of women; however, in some songs he expressed animosity towards them as well. In addition, he was out to expose the wrong doings of the US government; his album was called “Killuminati” and he had an alias of Makaveli So it is not difficult to see why his lyrics would be ridiculed.

  3. Tu pac is completely right about this country. I feel like the United States has many of its own problems and yet we don’t work on them quite quickly as we do to run off into other countries to assist. Society has changed throughout the course of 10 years dramatically and its pretty scary. The issues that this country has developed is unbelievable. The music industry today is not like it used to be and I honestly believe in the idea of illuminati. It worries me that our government might have some participation in this idea but ordinary people like me will never know the truth because unless your on the “top” you don’t care about how the people on the “bottom” are being affected.

  4. I completely agree with this post about Tupac. All the songs on the radio have no meaning. Tupac sang songs about real life topics and its a shame that he got ridiculed for the lyrics in his songs. Its interesting how he called America a gang and how they always try to “fix” problems that that not our problem in the first place.

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