Blog #6: The Whites Have Become Black

In the short video, David Starkey proclaims that the whites have become black. He states that this “destructive, nihilistic gangster culture has become the fashion”. Black culture has taken over the society inEnglandnot the black person in general. From the video we see that Starkey believes that the overwhelming influence of black culture is the reason for the riots inEngland. He pokes fun at one of the many powerful symbols that come from black culture such as rap. He says that the main things that are shown through rap are masculinity and violence. From the video we learn the riots inEnglandstarted from black people who were protesting over the death of a fellow black. Starkey throughout the video argues with two other people over the issue of black culture and violence. Starkey comes up with strong points to back up his argument and says that 80% of gun crime comes from blacks. These are the people who have no jobs and therefore take to rioting to get a point across. One in five men inEnglandare without a job.

From the video I learn that black culture not only has its influence on America but also in other parts of the world like England. With black culture come many aspects that we must take a look at to decide whether or not black culture and its influence onEnglandis a positive or negative thing. I believe that Starkey has a strong argument when it comes to black culture and violence and feel that it is not the black person in general who are committing violent acts but the person who is following the violent traditions of black culture such as gang violence and rioting.


One response to “Blog #6: The Whites Have Become Black

  1. Excellent. One of the reasons I think this case is interesting is that it looks at ‘black-white’ race relations in a non-US context, to appreciate the similarities, and differences.

    But — as sociologists — we have to question Starkey’s use of concepts like “black culture.” As if the “culture” of all “blacks” could be summed up like that, as if it’s one cohesive “thing” (remember Simmel’s critique of *reification*). Also notice that Starkey’s idea of black culture is basically everything he thinks is bad and threatening in the world. Is black culture just rioting and gangs and violence?

    …Then again, Du Bois would notice how even our — mainstream culture’s — images of rioting and gangs and violence are racialized. And if our expectations are being shaped in such a way, then Merton might call it a “self-fulfilling prophecy.”

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