Blog #3- Race is the Argument

Historian David Starkey argues that riots in England are a result of “black culture”. He says it is not about skin color or race, but about culture. However, it is entirely about race. Not only is black culture with regards to the language, education, and music specifically rap as it is mention, equated with bad and negative connotations, but it continues to drive the argument of race. Starkey says “the whites have become black”, and this black culture is responsible for the riots.

He also argues that the “gangster culture” has become the “fashion” among white and black, boys and girls. His racist arguments only support the notion that the “war on race” is still very much apparent in society. Like Du Bois argued, the problem is the problem of the color line. It is not the people, or the culture, but specifically what is synonymous with black and white. As much as we think our society has evolved, we continue to hold negative racial distinctions. We continue to refer to blacks as “them”, associate “black culture” with criminality and whites as respectable people. Starkey controversial comments present the sad reality of the opinions many still hold today.    


2 responses to “Blog #3- Race is the Argument

  1. Very compelling. The application of insights from Du Bois is exactly on target. The layers of absurd assumptions underneath the nonsensical statement that “the whites have become black” are breathtaking. That the thought of whites becoming black is treated as something self-evidently horrible reveals his racist, and more specifically white supremacist assumptions. There seems to be some sense of racial degradation behind his alarm.

    That’s not to say there’s nothing of significance happening in terms of changing ethnic/racial identities and ethnic/racial class composition in England. Starkey, unfortunately, does not do a good job describing, much less explaining what’s going on.

  2. This post reminds me when I read the book the New Jim Crow Laws. In reality society has not evolve into a better or non-racist society. It has only developed ways to continues it practices in a more discreet way. It may be impossible to ever become a perfect society where everyone is seen as equal and be on the same playing field. Positiive and negatives perspectives are passed down from generation to generation. Therefore, does a method exist to better this? I don’t believe so.

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