Blog #6 Tupac’s Interview in Jail

In this interview with Tupac while he is in jail, he explains how gangs can actually be positive but it just has to be organized and self-productive. He also believes that this country was built on gangs and is still run by them. America is the biggest gang in the world. They attack people or other countries that they have no business getting involved with but they want to show how tough they are. He stated that whenever there was a flood or a hurricane, america would give millions because someone lost their house and everyone gets food but their community becayse they really dont want to stop gang violence. Gang violence in our society today has to do a lot with the lack of resources out there which is a strain  to the community and thats why people committ crimes. People need to do everything to survive.

Tupac also stated that he couldnt say stop the crime because thats not reality. In reality there is always crime out there because of the strains in our social structure. For example, the lack of food, resources, money, shelter. All of that impacts their communities. Tupac had very great points in this interview and i completely agree with him . Even though we try to avoid whats going on but in reality this is happening everyday.


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