Blog# 4 “whites acting black”

David Starkey is a good example of total ignorance. He is ignorant to music of today and the culture of the 21st century. As the black woman pointed out, he didn’t even know any rap songs  of today that would “glorify” riots. I would agree with the woman that blaming black culture and refering to them and us is the problem and we need to be a society that emphasizes the our. Taking responsibility. It is amazing how such a “smart” person could make such ignorant comments with out ANY sort of evidence to back up his beliefs. This interview contained no insight on the true causes of the riots.

This would be an opinion based ranting about how David Starkey is essentially racest. It is lazy to actually blame an entire race for a riot. I cannot even believe my ears. I give the woman sitting next to him a lot of credit for staying so calm and composed while being attacked on tv. George Simmel would also argue that one cannot blame an entire race, rather emphasize the individual’s goal in part taking in riots. He would say the riots have become a result of reification. DeBois would say that this portrays the system that attaches individual members of the colortocracy at times developed a notorious but distinctive racial complex involving an idealology that set apart from those they viewed as their inferriors. DeBois would argue that David Starkey feels superior to african americans, and if he isn’t than he certaintly did a poor job in being cohesive in his claim that whites are acting black.

~ Stephanie Carbone


One response to “Blog# 4 “whites acting black”

  1. I agree with the blogger because how a person can just accuse someone of black culture is the reason for whites changing their status to black culture. In the world of rap music for example, we have a lot of white rappers who just rap but the white culture would feel that these rappers are turning black by talking about violence and being in a gang, etc. I feel that every person has a choice in what they want to do in life and should not be viewed differently by the color of their skin but learn to accept it no matter what the circumstances are.

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