Blog #5 tupacs interview

This interview with Tupac was very interesting. The journey his life took is so sad because I can see his potential. What he has analyzed in this interview is proof he is smarter than people may perceive him as. I also think he underestimated what he could have achieved. Though he is legendary, I feel he could have been an even bigger icon. Had he received a better education he could have better articulated his analysis and his message better received by a larger audience. By him saying “gangs are positive” is ineffective in relaying his actual message, which is the importance of change. He claimed that the gangs should give the money they make on the streets back to their community. There are  volunteer institutions that already do that in effort to better their community. In reality, gang members are not the  people who would facilitate such commendable services to the community.

Robert Merton would explain deviance as a lack of opportunity plus stress on financial success plus egalitarian ideology results in anomie. In addition, structural strain breeds anti-social behavior. Conversely to what Tupac claims, he would stress that poverty does not necessarily lead to crime. It is the culture, not biology accounts for crime.


3 responses to “Blog #5 tupacs interview

  1. Based on the thoughts of bother Merton and Tupac Shakur I completely agree that crime stems for culture rather than biology. People choose to commit crimes primarily based on the culture in their surroundings. For instance a person born in a ghetto or slum is more than likely to turn to illegal activity as a means to hoard money and fend for themselves and family because the opportunity their culture offers is extremely scarce. If we think back to earlier in the semester when we looking at the pyramid that contained ladders and paths to the elite among society, the less fortunate at the bottom of the pyramid had no ladder or stairway that allowed them to jump from the bottom level to the next level, which shows that because opportunity is just about absent most people would in that case turn to crime as a means to an end.

  2. This interview was very interesting to me. I actually gained a lot more respect for Tupac after this because i never really pictured him thinking in this way. Everyone basicallly views him as a rapper and a gang member but in reality hes a lot smarter than that. He actually cares about his community and wants to better it. He wants to see people better their lives and their education but believes as if the government is influencing gang violence because they are doing nothing to stop it.

  3. I agree because Tupac Shakur always had a good heart and wasn’t someone who wanted trouble from anyone, and always used strong words in his music and discussions on gang violence. He was not only a rapper but was also an activist in which he spoke about the issues that were going on in his neighborhood and society itself like females raising babies on their own, and about gang violence. I feel that if he was alive today that he would’ve thought of a way to end the gang violence and make people live in a more and safe environment.

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