Blog #6 ‘It was a war, and we had the police scared’

Robert Merton would identify these riots according to his modes of adaptation to anomie as a true rebellion. The “Brit’s” want to conduct a new social order of goals and means to replace conventional values and norms. These british political radicals or cult followers are members of the counter-culture. They go against those whom conform and avoid deviance. The riots are unconventional.

When we watched the movie in class, some argued it may be considered innovative. Since they strive toward change though they go about it in a more conservative manner without going against social norms. It is more conservative due to the extreme nature of these riots. I argued that if these riots are not considered rebellious, what is ?

~ Stephanie Carbone


4 responses to “Blog #6 ‘It was a war, and we had the police scared’

  1. I really liked this post by the blogger and her response on the video we watched in class. The blogger states that the riots were unconventional and that the rioters were part of a counterculture. I agree with the bloggers points and I also feel that if these riots were not considered agianst the norm than what is against the norm in England??

  2. As someone who argued that the riots were considered innovative, I would say that because although they were trying to changed the social norms, they weren’t trying to replace the institutions that compose the country (like universities, government offices, etc). I believe that a riot that is rebellious would be one that completely changes the infrastructures and norms – for example a democratic country becoming communist, a shift of both norms and institutions that compose the country.

  3. This just goes to show the ever changing nature of social protests. How do we classify them is the ultimate question? I would agree that I believe that this particular incident was rebellious.

  4. I definitely agree with the blogger.. I think that the protesters in England, as well as Wall Street have valid points and concerns, however, the way they go about getting their point across is absurd. Is it necessary to act like animals in order to be heard? I think not… When we watched the OWS Oakland movie today, I couldn’t believe all of the vandalism and violence taking place. I am all for protesting but I think that people should be able to act somewhat civilized while doing it. I know I am overgeneralizing because not everyone who protests vandalizes and resorts to violence, however, this is usually how people conceptualize protests because the media plays up the violence and craziness of it all.

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