Blog# 4 England riots: the whites have become black

Being a Historian, David Starkey should not be voicing his opinion over the England riots, as a Historian he should be presenting all the facts of the events. David Starkey thinks being a well-respected English Historian his words stand out. In the video he stated the “facts” of the riot started from a “Black protesting over the killing of a Black man.” As you notice he did not mentioned that the protesters were protesting the killing of a Black man by the police. David Starkey blames riot from the “destructive, nihilistic gangster culture” from the blacks and these black cultures alienated the white youths in England. When Owen Jones author of the book Chavs, as he tried to explained the continued stereotyping and outright discrimination faced by the young blacks in these poor neighborhood by the police, and the lacks of employments and educations ; David Starkey constantly interrupted and brush off the explanations. David Starkey was not convinced that the lacks of government support for the poor in the neighborhood has any to do with the rioting. He mentioned in the video that not one public building was burn by the rioters and that leaded him to think it has nothing to do with the government; of course again, he did not mention that riot polices were deployed protecting the buildings. The protesters were repelled by the police as they tried. David Starkey already tarnished his reputation as a Historian; he did not investigates and get all the facts. I think he will be surprise that the burning of the police car that started the riot was set off by a fellow white Anglo-Saxon.


2 responses to “Blog# 4 England riots: the whites have become black

  1. I think a lot of people would probably agree that Starkey’s claims were more opinion than fact. Starkey, and many others (if Youtube comments are any indication) would say that his theory about the cause of the riots is based on facts. And here you can see how even what we consider to be ‘facts’ are considerably shaped by all sorts of taken-for-granted assumptions about the world (about what ‘is,’ i.e., ontology). Starkey claims ‘black culture’ is behind the riots. His critics challenge the premise that there is such a ‘thing’ as a monolithic black culture and the proposition that ‘culture’ can ’cause’ anything in the world. Culture doesn’t ‘do’ things, people do.

  2. I would have to agree with the people saying that Starkey’s claims are more opinion than fact. There are so many other cultural and societal factors other than race in criminal activity. There may be issues due to family culture and upbringing. It is ignorant to attribute criminal tendencies simply to a person’s race or color.

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