Blog #5: House of Sand and Fog

The film House of Sand and Fog is a movie that does an excellent job of portraying sociological theories whether it was meant to or not. The plot is about an Iranian family led by Colonel Behrani who have fled Iran and have now come to America trying to make ends meet after being wealthy in their homeland. Behrani works two jobs to support his family and maintain that wealthy lifestyle, and about a severely depressed woman who loses her house because of a mix-up due to her lack of opening the mail and how she relentlessly attempts to get the house her father gave her and worked years to pay off back, with the help of Officer Lester. The movie incorporates the viewpoints of sociological theory of Max Weber, in that Weber felt that class was socially determined and that individuals had their own stance in which class they were going to be a part of. In the film each character fights to be a part of the social class that they aspire to, Behrani to the high middle class, Kathy wanted to just blend into the middle class and keep her house, and officer Lester wished to be an authoritarian as a Police Officer still training. In addition to Weber’s theories, Karl Marx’s theories play another significant role as Kathy and Behrani battle over who the house technically is owned by. Marx’s theories were based on class struggle that eventually lead to rebellion and in the movie Behrani would be the bourgeoisie keeping Kathy from her father’s house because of her inept to respond to ordinances about her house, and Kathy the proletariat, the average person, and eventually with the help of Officer Lester she rebels leading Behrani’s son to be killed by Lester and Behrani to commit suicide, first killing his wife because he could not face the ensuing depression and loss of social status according to Weber’s theories because Behrani felt he had now lost everything with the murder of his son and could not determine his social status.


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