blog #1 House of Sand and Fog

In House of Sand and Fog there are 2 sides fighting for rights to a house. To me Kathy fits into the category of the working poor because she cleans houses for a living. Behrani also fits into that category because he does some construction and manages a gas station. Kathy lies to her mom about how well she is doing in her 12 step program and her life with her husband in general while Behrani lies to his family/friends in Iran about his wealth in America. The house symbolizes a dream for both characters but only one can walk away with it. Behrani wants to up his social status by making changes to the house and then reselling it for four times the amount he bought it for. Kathy’s father worked 30 years to pay off the house and its all she has to her name, without it she becomes completely homeless. Both characters use this house as a way to define themselves. Behrani tries really hard to hold on the his title as a military officer even though he was kicked out of Iran and his miliary status means nothing in America. I found this to be an interesting comparison to Kathy being kicked out of her home and no one listening to her when she says its hers and she tries deperately to hold on to it. The house isnt legally hers anymore, the same way Behrani is no longer a military officer but still wants the title. In Kathys head the house is hers and only hers and in Behrani’s head he will always be an officer.


One response to “blog #1 House of Sand and Fog

  1. The blogger points out the various ways in the house of sand and fogs he characters are defined by their roles. Kathy is trying to live in her role as daughter and not lose the house her father worked for and Behrani is trying to fulfill the role of retired military officer. In order for Kathy to say true to her role she must keep the house; and in order for Behrani to stay true to his role he must appear to live a lifestyle that is in fact for beyond his means. I think the movie shows what happens and how devastating it can be when you fail one of the roles you most value.

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